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As an internet marketer, if you want more traffic, you need the helpful tools to track your sales and conversions. If you are running a campaign or running some ads, you have to comprehend that it should bring some quality traffic.

If your ad doesn’t bring traffic, then it is no use and ultimately you will wind up wasting your cash on advertisements without any sales and conversions.

I have explored the internet looking for the tool which can really track my campaigns and ads. Tracking will tell you a lot about what is not performing and will eventually give you a possibility to improve your campaign.

The very best tool for the click tracking that I have found recently is ClickMagick. ClickMagick is the very best affiliate tracking software in the industry with its robust and variable features.

I have provided a comprehensive review of ClickMagick here and why it is among the best click tracker tools in the market recently.

ClickMagick Features
Here is a summary of what ClickMagick provides.

1. Links
This is where you set up a tracking link. When a user clicks the tracking link, they will be redirected to your initial URL. It offers a “tracking pixel code” and, by copying and pasting the code in your squeeze page you’ll be able to track the opt-ins. You can establish as many tracking links as you wish. There is a range of optional settings to make under each link such as;

  • Tracking an entire sales funnel — beginning with the opt-in all the way through downsells and upsells.
  • Link cloaking (masking the URL that you are promoting, e.g. affiliate link).
  • Enter an unit cost to you (when buying traffic) either by CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action), CPS (cost per sale), Daily or Monthly, to monitor what’s cost you up until now.
  • Geotargeting — include or exclude certain nations by unchecking or checking them from the drop-down list.
  • Include “backup URL” — in case your initial URL is briefly down, or not accessible to certain countries, you can enter an extra URL to redirect the users to.
  • “Bad clicks” — filter out any bad clicks from the tracking, or block them completely. Such as bots, users by means of VPN, online search engine spiders.
  • Password protect a link — only users who understand the password to access the link.
  • Set a different link for mobile users or iOS users.

=>> You can access the free trial here!

2. Organic Tracking
By inputting the code offered to your site, you can track organic traffic, i.e. how users come to your page (e.g. by Google search). Include an additional conversion tracking pixel code to track the conversion as well.

Something you may want to keep in mind is that organic traffic coming from safe and secure websites (https) can’t be identified — since secure sites are not permitted to pass referrer information. For example YouTube — all organic traffic from YouTube will be reported anonymously under “none”.

3. Rotators

This is a necessary and effective tool for traffic providers. More than one location URL can be set under one link, and it “rotates”.

For instance you offer a traffic to Buyer A and Buyer B. Each buyer will provide you a link URL to their website. You set up both link URL-A and link URL-B under a rotator link URL starts with

You release the rotator link ( …) e.g. send it to your email subscribers. When they click the link, they will be directed to either of URL-A or URL-B, and there are Four rotator modes for you to pick from;

a. Sequential mode: when a user clicks the link, they will be directed to the first URL (URL-A in this example), and when they click the same link again for the second time, they’ll be directed to URL-B. So this mode will send traffic to each URL in the rotator one after another, as repeat users hit the link multiple times. And when it reaches the bottom, it will simply begin over once again at the top.

b. Spillover mode: same as Sequential mode but the difference is that you can specify another URL to direct your users to after they’ve checked out all the URLs in the rotator and exhausted their unique clicks.

c. Fulfilment mode: send all traffic to the very first URL (URL-A in this example), including repeat clicks from the exact same user up until that URL has actually received the max number of clicks specified.

d. Random mode: distributes your clicks in a completely random manner.

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Other rotator settings consist of;

  • Geotargeting — include or exclude particular countries.
  • Add “backup URL”.
  • Filter out or block bad clicks.
  • Set a different link for mobile users or iOS users and.
  • Randomise: the priority link (top of the rotator) can likewise be randomised every X minutes. For instance every defined minutes, users will see URL-B when they first click the link rather of URL-A.

And also each link URL in the rotator (URL-A, URL-B …) requires to be set up, as per the screenshot above such as;

  • Maximum number of clicks to deliver (if the box is left blank, it delivers indefinitely).
  • Maximum number of clicks each day.
  • Bonus clicks by percentage. If you put ten percent and the max clicks 1,000, you’ll be delivering 1,100 in overall.
  • Minimum or maximum clicks from users in Tier 1 nations (United States, Canada, UK, AUS, NZ) by %.
  • Maximum or minimum clicks from mobile devices.
  • Start date and end date. If left blank, begins delivering instantly and ends when it reaches the number of max clicks.
  • Notify: if the box is checked, it will e-mail you to notify when the delivery’s finished
  • Geotargeting: you can include or exclude particular nations, as long as you make sure there is no dispute with the Min/Max T1 setting.
    As many destination URLs can be created under a rotator link, and as many rotators can be produced.

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4. Content
Under the “Content” menu, there are three beneficial features that can be added to your web page to help increase the conversion. MagickPopups, MagickBars, and Countdown Timers.


There are Four different types of popups.

  • Popup “on load” — shows up as soon as the visitor lands on the page.
  • Delayed popup — shows up after the number of seconds you define have passed.
  • Exit popup — pops up when the user’s cursor leaves the window and is above to close it.
  • Redirect — not technically a popup, but it redirects the user to another page when they try to leave.
  • Utilizing a visual editor to develop a popup, you can add practically whatever to the popup — not just images or tables but embed YouTube video, make it sound-enabled, and also a countdown timer.

Opt-in kind can likewise be added by embedding the HTML code offered by your email provider such as AWeber or GetResponse.


MagickBar is a bar that appears either at the top or the bottom of your website, and it will stay up until the user clicks [x] to close it.

MagickBars can also be created by its visual editor, enables you to include images, tables, embed YouTube video, make it sound-enabled, make the background coloured or transparent, include a speech bubble, also a countdown timer can be included to the bar.

The bar can be used to invite your visitors to an affiliate page or any other sales page, and even simply to highlight what you’re promoting within the page.

Countdown Timers

The idea of a countdown timer is to urge the readers to act, which’s exactly what the ClickMagick timer feature is there for.

It doesn’t take a couple of minutes to create a timer. There are 4 different designs and 2 types (evergreen/cookie based or date-based|date-based or evergreen/cookie based). All you need to do is to copy and paste the code to anywhere — your website, within a MagickPopup or MagickBar.

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5. Tools

All other tools to niggle can be seen under this menu. Beneficial tools include;

  • Batch Editor: Instead of going to the “Rotators” menu or “Links” menu and clicking each link to modify one by one, you can simply edit, reset or erase your links, rotators or rotator URLs from here.
  • Data Importer/Exporter: ClickMagick’s link data, rotator data and rotator URLs can be exported to other third party apps. Also, data from another tracking tool can be imported to ClickMagick using CSV file.
  • IP Lookup tool: Permits you to see the history and activity for any IP address. It reveals clicks, opt-ins, sales, together with a timestamp for each occasion and it’s useful when determining suspicious clicks.
  • IP Manager: Allows you to filter or block particular IP addresses or IP ranges by manually entering them.

Introducing ClickMagick Live!

ClickMagick Live! is our exclusive private community where you can chat directly with other users and the ClickMagick team.

Whether you need a quick answer or you want to “talk shop” with other marketers — some of whom have made millions — this is for you.

Trying to get help or marketing advice by posting on forums or Facebook is a real drag …

Most people offering advice have never made any real money and have no clue what they’re talking about. And to make things worse, you won’t be able to tell them apart from those that do.

But with ClickMagick Live! you won’t have to worry about that. Now you can get answers to all of your marketing questions directly from the ClickMagick team and other successful marketers.

You’ll even be able to ask questions and get help directly from our founder Patrick Kelly — who prior to launching ClickMagick personally generated over $20,000,000 via email, lead generation and affiliate marketing.

ClickMagick Live! is free with a paid account on our Standard or Pro plans, and once inside you’ll be able to get help, chat — and even jump on live calls — at any time, from any device.

You’d normally have to pay thousands for something like this. We hope you take advantage of it, and we look forward to helping you break through whatever barriers are preventing you from seeing massive success online.

“Other companies charge $200 for this one feature …”

ClickMagick 14-Day Free Trial

ClickMagick offers 14 days risk free trial for testing it. You will NOT be charged, and if you decide ClickMagick isn’t for you, it’s easy to cancel any time either online, via email or via our Help Desk.

There are no signup fees, cancellation fees, contracts or minimum terms. If you decide to keep using ClickMagick you can use it for as short or as long as you want, and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time.

>> Get Your ClickMagick 14-Day Free Trial Here <<

ClickMagick Tutorial

Check the below video for ClickMagick tutorial and demo for beginners.

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